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  • Bangladesh royal Bengal tigers

    Tiger number rises by eight in 3 years

    The number of Bengal tigers in the Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans has increased slightly, according to a latest tiger census.
  • Wild elephants in danger

    Wild elephants in danger

    A big portion of the wild elephant population in southern Cox’s Bazar is at risk of being wiped out, experts say. The mammals are confined to small patches of hilly forests in Inani-Shilkhali area as Rohingya settlements have taken over their migration corridors that lead to parts of Bandarban and Myanmar.
  • Crowds Hamper Banani Blaze Rescue Operation

    'Only two ways to escape'

    Exhausted and terrified, Saifur Rahman, employee of Amraa network office on the 17th floor of the 22-storey Faruk Rupayan Tower in the capital's Kamal Ataturk Avenue, sat on the pavement near the building.
  • 2,500-year-old crop seeds discovered in Bogura's Mahasthangarh

    2,500-year-old crop seeds discovered

    Archaeologists have found crop seeds as old as 2,500 years in Bogura's Mahasthangarh.
  • Hilsa Fish habitats under threat

    Hilsa habitats under threat

    The government has approved multiple power projects near hilsa sanctuaries in Patuakhali coastal area, posing a threat to the breeding and nurturing of the national fish.