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  • Onion Self-Sufficiency: Possible, but not so soon

    The government intends to make the country self-sufficient in onion by increasing the production of this essential cooking ingredient but it may take years as overcoming the seed crisis remains a major challenge.
  • Just vanished!

    So where have they gone? Despite 76,000 children being born in the camps in the last three years, the number of Rohingya refugees in all camps of Ukhiya and Teknaf has actually decreased to 8.60 lakh as of July this year.
  • Aman Farming: Recurring flood ruins a season

    Prolonged and multiple monsoon floods have disrupted cultivation of Aman paddy, which provides around 36 percent of total rice production in the country.
  • Nothing special for small farmers

    Though farmers have been hit hard by the pandemic, no special stimulus package for small farmers was announced in the proposed budget, frustrating agriculture experts and economists.
  • World Environment Day today: ‘Development’ feasts on forest

    Though forests are meant to be conserved, they are being allocated for constructing highways, rail lines, government offices and even for drilling gas wells. For any development project, forestland seems to be readily available.