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  • Pial Islam

    The writer is Managing Partner at pi Strategy Consulting, a management consulting firm.

  • Can informal digital commerce bring women's financial inclusion?

    When talking about financial inclusion, we often focus on closing the gender gap in financial account ownership as a means of empowering women.
  • Digital Currency Transition in Bangladesh

    Towards a cash-lite Bangladesh

    Cash is king. That age-old saying is up for a rethink today. The world has since transitioned from monarchies (with kings and queens)
  • Strategic intuition holds the key to success

    In business, and sometimes in life, we are constantly in search of the next big opportunity. Historically, next big opportunities
  • What Dhaka may look like in 2071

    It is easily conceivable that BBC would run a special feature titled “Dhaka: The City That Once Was” in 2071 as it celebrates 100 years of Bangladesh's independence. Dhaka's liveability, or lack thereof, is already a subject of much interest. But how do we avoid that near-certain predicament 50 years down the road? What can we do today?
  • The Nakshikantha approach to healthcare

    An intricately woven IT platform could incorporate electronic health records, digital payments and other technologies.