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  • How Facebook has failed us

    One of the major turning points leading to social media reaching the heights it has today was the creation of Facebook. However, the platform that we had such high hopes for has unfortunately let us (its users) down.
  • Wallpaper that kills your phone

    Wallpapers are an important part of how we personalise our phones. From black holes to a view of the Alps, wallpapers reflect our interests and desires.
  • A Life Spent on Rooftops

    This place of whatever square metres is a cure to everything, a sanctuary whenever one needs it; for privacy or some fresh air the balcony can't compensate.
  • Ready to PLAY?

    The PlayStation 5 is here, almost. Check out what you can expect with the newest console (yet) to hit the block (yet).
  • A panjabi’s tale

    The cupboard creaked open, revealing his gleaming face. With sheer haste, he began to shuffle around the few shirts he had, discarding and