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    With recent controversy with GameFreak’s announcement of no National Dex for the newest Pokémon games, and some claiming Nintendo’s E3 presentation was lacklustre (only further proof of the Switch’s weak points as a console), Japanese game developers are being scrutinised
  • Pretty “Good Omens”

    Good Omens is Amazon Prime’s six episode miniseries adaptation of the 1990 novel of the same name by renowned fantasy authors Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.
  • E3 2019: The Games You Missed

    E3’s always full of big announcements for each platform every year. It goes without saying that in a sea of hyped reveals and some welcome surprises, there’s always some potentially great looking games that get overshadowed. E3 2019’s no different, let’s look at some
  • Why aren't you playing JRPGS?

    Among gamers, Japanese role-playing games, or JRPGs as they are colloquially known, hold a divisive status. One sect of fans adore them, often intersecting with anime fans, these fans are more open to giving chances to JRPGs since anime-esque tropes and designs fill the genre.
  • 5 hilarious sci-fi TV shows

    Nobody ever sets out to make a sci-fi TV show without wondering if they can live up to unrealistically high expectations that come with the genre — high production elements like CGI, futuristic looking set design, etc. But some of these shows just can't even meet basic expectations and end up falling flat.