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  • Bangladesh Metro Rail

    Striking a balance between development and environment

    Just as a country’s development cannot be sustainable without a properly functioning democracy, development without environmental protection is also bound to fail. While Bangladesh is advancing with its various development projects at a fast pace...
  • We live, if our forests live

    Different organisa-tions working with forests and the environment have come up with different estimates of Bangladesh's total forest coverage. While the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change estimates that Bangladesh currently has 17 percent forestland,
  • Let Nusrat's demise strengthen our demand for justice

    Nobody can survive after suffering 75-80 percent burn injuries. Despite this fact, we had hoped that Nusrat Jahan Rafi would somehow survive, by a miracle perhaps.
  • Raising our children amidst poisonous air

    This is no city to raise your children in,” a friend was telling me the other day. “Either you leave the country or leave the city and go somewhere where your kids don't have to breathe poison.”
  • Ducsu Election

    When teachers are threatened for revealing the truth

    During the last days of March in 1971, when there was fear among everyone at Dhaka University—the teachers, students and general staff—that the university could be attacked by the Pakistan military anytime, Jyotirmoy Guha-thakurta, a professor of English department of the university, was the provost of Jagannath Hall.