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  • What the finance minister should watch out for

    The government has taken a firm decision to enforce the ceiling on lending interest rate from April 1, 2020. The 9 percent maximum lending rate will apply across the board to all types of lending except those provided through credit cards.
  • NPL: Sources of malaise and possible remedies

    Excessive volume of non-performing loan (NPL) in the banking sector is a major weakness of the Bangladesh economy.
  • Hue and cry for onion: some insights

    Onion price hike has been one of the most discussed issues for the last couple of months. As onion is an essential daily food ingredient, the issue of price hike has extended hue and cry among all types of households, rich or poor.
  • Aid management in Rohingya camps

    UN agencies leading the Rohingya crisis response appealed for USD 951 million for humanitarian assistance covering the period from March to December 2018.
  • Questioning the role of parents

    As with global warming, Bangladesh has not contributed to the rise of global terrorism anymore than it has contributed to formulating or debating over the definition of “terrorism” itself. Nonetheless, the country is saddled with the spill-over consequences of this crisis, one being the rise of “posh” militants as apparent from the backgrounds of the Gulshan attackers who broke our traditional belief that the root of terrorism lies in poverty, poor education, and madrasas.