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  • Dealing with a promotion delay

    As a professional, you expect that at the end of the day, your work and effort will get validated. The most coveted form of validation for your work, dedication and effort is a promotion.
  • leadership

    How a change in Leadership affects teams

    An immediate effect of leadership change is the development of a resistance factor. It is mainly because employees become used to the ways of the previous individual in charge.
  • Coping with an office transfer

    Most professionals view the experience of coping with office transfers as a way to developing one’s ability to adapt in newer work
  • Venus IT: Reaching for the stars

    The journey started with the personal philosophy to somehow contribute to the development of Bangladesh.
  • biTS: local venture tackling global challenges

    BRAC IT Services Limited, biTS in short, is a proud member of the eminent BRAC family and is one of the leading IT solution & service providers in Bangladesh specialising in providing a wide range of software solutions & end to end technology service management.