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  • Preparing for a career in research

    Working in research is perhaps one of the most painstaking yet important jobs in the world. As an individual interested in pursuing this route in Bangladesh, he/she must be acquainted with how things actually work here.
  • Workplace habits to steer clear of

    Like school or the dinner table, the workplace also has habits that are lauded and apprehended. Every individual's habits can have a cumulative effect on the entire office ecosystem, so it's best to not practice the following things at work.
  • Finding your feet in a new workplace

    Everyone likes to be in their comfort zones. But to thrive and actually grow as a professional, one must find it in themselves to adapt to the workplace rapidly.
  • How to get the best out of your employees

    When the time comes to lead, manage a sector or even coordinate your own coworkers the first thing we face most difficulty with is
  • On the importance of your very first boss

    We all clearly remember our first job and the flurry of emotions that came with it. It is, after all, an important milestone in life.