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  • Nasreen Sattar

  • Financial tips for newlyweds

    It is the time of year when wedding preparations take priority over other things. The crisp and beautiful weather of December and January are perfect for big gatherings, and if you have not booked a hall in advance way ahead of the date, it is unlikely you will get any venue at such a short notice.
  • Spending Beyond One's Means

    Living beyond your means is pretty easy nowadays, especially since we live in a time when purchasing on credit has become the norm and ever so easy. However, remember that although it seems normal, it definitely is causing more harm to your current and future well-being.
  • The Debt Trap

    Various banks make loans so attractive to us - before we know it, we have landed with an auto loan to purchase a car or a house loan to purchase a small apartment. All of us want to improve our standard of living and what could be better than having your own car or your own apartment? Sometimes we tend to forget our ability to re-pay!
  • Credit cards 101

    In my mind, I cannot envisage a life without my credit cards. To me, they are a sign of comfort, security, and most importantly, convenience. Despite the benefits though, there is also a downside to too much dependency and over usage.
  • Eid celebration and young savers

    I remember growing up with my siblings and how excited we used to be during the last few days of Ramadan – the reason? Eid was around the corner! Back in those days, life was simple, and the two Eids were the most important celebrations in our lives; meaning new clothes, new shoes and visiting loved ones. Food played a major part, especially after a month of fasting.