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  • Nafisa Afsara Chowdhury

  • Hello. It’s Me, Your Imposter Syndrome.

    Shall I proceed with orchestrating my usual routine of Self-Sabotage™, then? You know, the one where I infiltrate your mind and shatter your Self-Esteem to tiny little pieces? But fret not, I take pride in my work. Your suffering is 100 percent guaranteed.
  • The gaping holes in our history lessons

    Perhaps if my eighth grade teacher hadn't so deeply venerated Churchill as a hero and unabashedly glorified the contributions of the British Empire, I would understand much sooner that there's more to Zainul Abedin's 1943 Bengal famine paintings than a couple of starving children on the streets.
  • The Sims 2020: Karmic Justice Edition

    It is true what they say, you reap what you sow. It may have taken a life-threatening plague for my eyes to finally open up and have this crushing realisation of the irrevocable damage I have caused, but I promise I'm a changed person now, growing and learning from my horrid past.