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  • Life lessons you get as a finance major

    Upon reaching my senior year of university, I was naturally tasked with the ordeal of selecting my major. While making the decision, I realised selecting a major is very much like committing to an arranged marriage — you barely know what you are getting into and you basically have to make the decision based on a vague idea of what might transpire.
  • Take the Plaantik

    Football is the author of Cinderella stories; whether it is Iceland reaching the quarter finals in the Euros and qualifying for the World Cup or Gabriel Jesus going from painting streets only four years ago to spearheading the Brazilian national team's attack on the biggest stage, football has its own unique way of amusing people with tales of joy. We have our very own version of such a success story today, the story of “Plaantik”.
  • Play away the puzzles

    If you are someone who loves wasting countless hours figuring out solutions to challenging puzzles, “Brain It On!” should be on your to-play list. Orbital Nine Games brings a super minimalistic game that combines the laws of basic physics with a really simple game design yet manages to provide with countless hours of fun.
  • Is MBA a must after BBA?

    BBA is one of the most sought after degrees in the country today. With Bangladesh's promotion to a “developing” status on the horizon, more and more students are expected to pursue business degrees to take on newly emerging executive roles.
  • A student's guide to scripting an audiovisual

    In recent years, AVs have transcended beyond just the commercial sphere. Students are more and more involved in making AVs for academic purposes. Applying for higher studies abroad often requires video essays. Furthermore, the rise of student-level branding competitions ushers in creative submissions which more often than not require making ads, team videos or campaign videos.