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    As the scrawny 9-year-old told me all about how he played in the hay in his beloved village, he clutched on to my finger like he had known me forever. Brishti, his little sister, tepidly scampered closely behind us as the three of us marched on towards the hospital.
  • Build your own dream team

    Football is arguably the biggest sport in the world. It can unite people who are on the same bandwagon with a sense of shared identity, or it can destroy friendships based on apparent club rivalry that in all honesty does not make much sense from thousands of miles away yet it certainly spices things up.
  • The ultimate mobile office suite

    While Google have perfected a lot of things, an all-in-one office suite is certainly not on that list. Almost all Android users have gone through the ordeal of trying to use Google's office apps as their daily driver and ended up downloading Microsoft's apps instead.
  • An Escape

    Navid shivered. Drops of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. The marble bench felt colder than death. He agitatedly tapped his fingers on his knees. “How long have I been sitting here?” he wondered. He glanced at the bruise on his wrist where his watch used to be.
  • Admission Tests - What you need to know

    Admission test — the one ominous exam standing between you and your dream university, a test more gruesome than the Twelve Labours of Hercules. Admission tests can be highly challenging not only due to the sudden leap in difficulty, but also since your result directly reflects on the undergraduate programme you choose and the path your life takes thereafter.