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  • Mushtaque Chowdhury

  • Covid-19 silver lining: Prime Minister’s Suborna Sheba for all?

    The coronavirus rage is showing early signs of slowdown in most parts of Europe and South East Asia. Strict regimes of social distancing are being eased with reopening of schools and selected businesses, not without controversy though. But it is still advancing in the rest of the world and until an effective vaccine is universally available, it remains a threat to us all.
  • Covid-19 and the missing data conundrum

    The recent outbreak of Covid-19 is unprecedented. Given the novelty and the rapidly evolving contexts, data gathered from the field is the only path to attaining the true picture of the disease’s progress.
  • Opinion: Time to push online learning in higher education

    We have come a long way in teaching and learning using technology. Whatever we call it—online learning, virtual learning, or e-learning—it has made education independent of time and place.
  • Homebound: The first eight days

    The country, and the world at large, has changed at an unprecedented pace over the last eight days.
  • Midwifery education in the private sector: The hurdles along the way

    Among many bold initiatives taken by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government, introducing midwifery in Bangladesh’s health system is one of the most significant ones. The country did well in terms of reducing maternal mortality during the MDG era, but latest research reports of a stall in its further progress.