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  • MR Khan

    MR Khan is CEO of Integrated Risk Consulting Group (iRCG), and a specialist with 24 years of experience in safety and reinsurance.

  • Outmoded tariff act holding back insurance sector

    A staggering 46 non-life and 32 life insurance companies are licenced to operate in Bangladesh and yet there is virtually no local underwriting expertise or capability within the country.
  • BGMEA should create captive insurance for apparel makers

    Insurance premiums for readymade garments (RMG) and textile industries are on the rise. In addition, changes have also recently been made in the marine cargo insurance procurement process. These are bound to have an effect on the overall competitive pricing of the exported product from Bangladesh. BGMEA may consider alternative modes of risk transfer to reduce, or at least maintain, the cost of insurance.
  • The dos and don'ts of handling emergency situations

    Over the past two decades of working in the risk-consulting business, two things have become apparent to me: (i) after every major incident, we suddenly become very worried and conscious about lack of safety, and (ii) we forget all about our worries in about a week.