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  • Tea estate feasting on reserve forest

    A tea estate in Chattogram has continuously been encroaching on one of the oldest and richest reserve forests in the country. Over the years, it has foiled forestation attempts and continuously damaged trees while expanding its territory.
  • Ctg Reserve Forests: Won’t allow road there

    An inter-ministerial body has decided against making a road through two reserve forests -- Hazarkhali Wildlife Sanctuary and Boroiyadala National Park -- in Chattogram.
  • Dog culling in St Martin’s sparks outrage

    Last week, a group of people were seen scouting the beaches of Saint Martin’s island with a large net in hand. They were capturing dogs, and strangling them to death one by one, using a metal contraption.
  • Project of Ctg Development Authority: Contractor illegally razes 92,700sqft hill

    Spectra Engineering Limited, contractor of a road construction project between the port city’s Bayezid area and Dhaka-Chattogram highway razed hills on 92,700 square feet of land in the last few years.
  • Kitchen Cabinet of Gani Bakery

    how Chittagonians acquired a foreign taste

    There’s a biscuit for every hour of the day. We start the morning dipping toast biscuits in tea, we go into midday on savory biscuits, and munch on low-cal crackers when on diet.