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  • Mostafa Yousuf

  • Raw materials rotting away

    Bamboo and soft wood worth around Tk 10 crore have been rotting at Karnaphuli Paper Mill (KPM) for over two years, after production of pulp was halted following “technical glitches” in machines at the pulp mill.
  • Deception leads to tragedy

    On a January afternoon, 80-year-old Amrito Bala was at home alone. Some people arrived at her doorstep and identified themselves as census bureau officials.
  • Bhashan Char

    Refugee Camps in Bhashan Char: Relocation process 'will start in Sept'

    Bangladesh has planned to begin the relocation process of the Rohingya refugees, who fled the brutal military crackdown in Myanmar last year, from all refugee camps to Bhashan Char from September.
  • 370 designated venues in port city

    Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) has designated 370 venues for slaughtering sacrificial animals in the port city with the aim to efficiently dispose of the waste by afternoon.
  • Grabbing on

    The Chittagong district administration, Chittagong City Corporation and Chittagong Development Authority have done nothing to reclaim the land occupied by locals on both banks of the Karnaphuli river two years after the High Court issued orders to do so.