Mostafa Shabuj

Kidney Donation: Patients suffer for legal constraints

Fahmida, who has been undergoing dialysis for the last two years, now desperately needs a second kidney transplant. Her mother Fatema Zohra had donated her a kidney in 2015, but it got damaged within a year.

Diversity of Bogura pottery in peril

Pundranagar, the capital of ancient Bengal or present-day Bogra in Bangladesh, is famous for its pottery. Traditional pottery got its fame in the Pal era long back, but now some of the potters community still can be seen here and there in the country including Palpara or Kumaras villages in Bogra.

Onslaught on Karatoa on

The Karatoa is facing a fatal threat. The famous river is shrinking, at some points by a fifth of its total width, due to widespread grabbing along its banks in Bogura's Sadar upazila, according to a government survey and locals.