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  • What do recent layoffs in RMG factories entail?

    On September 15, we saw hundreds of garment workers taking to the streets again at the Mirpur 1 intersection, demanding their unpaid wages. This kind of protest has become a common feature on the Dhaka streets, as factories are shutting down without paying
  • The concept of dominance in sexual violence

    Recently, we have witnessed a spike in the incidents of rape and also an increased commentary on our perception of it.
  • GDP growth: Illusions and fallacies

    Bangladesh has been experiencing incomparable growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since the last decade. The latest forecast by the Asian Development Bank ranks Bangladesh at the top among South Asian countries.
  • Student agitation: Signs of egalitarian aspirations

    On the morning of July 24, 2019, a few photos of academic buildings of the University of Dhaka surfaced on social media. The caption of the photos read: “Do not pay heed to the rumours and attend your classes and exams.
  • Rumours and mob killings: What are the underlying causes?

    Many of us have been left stunned after witnessing a series of mob attacks on people being accused of kidnapping and murdering children.