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  • Who owns our laws?

    On June 25, 2019, an editorial of The New York Times was published based on the Georgia v Public.Resource.Org (a case about whether the State of Georgia can assert copyright in its annotated state code).
  • Intellectual Property regime in the age of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) generated contents have been posing formidable challenges to the existing Intellectual Property (IP) regime.
  • Accessible book format for the persons with visual impairments

    Intellectual property (IP) system often faces ethical conundrums when it comes to serve the poor segment or to secure larger societal goals instead of protecting corporate interests. Likewise, book famine for visually impaired persons or persons otherwise with print
  • Time to adopt intellectual property policy for universities

    Bangladesh has continuously been ranking in poor position at global and regional innovations index. Despite the noticeable progress in many areas, including ICT sectors, the scenario of innovations and creativity remain dissatisfactory. What factors are possibly
  • Demand for medicine patenting

    Our experience with HIV/AIDS epidemic or Ebola catastrophe at African nations, Zika Virus outbreak in Brazil has vividly