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  • Mizanur Rahman

    The writer is an Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Dhaka and Director of Accounting of Capital Market Development. He won the Global Development Network (GDN) Medal for Research on Development in 2010. E-mail: mizan@du.ac.bd

  • COVID-19 and Bangladesh’s macroeconomic challenges

    The world economy is now on lockdown because of the global coronavirus pandemic. Governments and their central banks around the world are wasting no time in dealing with the health and economic implications of this crisis.
  • Was it the right decision?

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) has circulated a directive to public universities recently to close all evening degree programmes. It is a populist move, made without consultation with stakeholders.
  • Resolving Greece's Debt Crisis

    Greece's desire to stay within Eurozone is a seriously constrained choice for its economy. This is because it will continue to plague price competitiveness of Greece's exportables in the rest of the world.