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  • Mizan R Khan

  • Climate Change And Security: What the discourse is all about

    We, the global community, already live in a climate-changed world, evidenced by the successive reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
  • Without proper urban facilities, quality life is unachievable

    The word “city” comes from the Latin root “civis/civitas”, meaning citizen/citizenship. The expressions “civil/civic/civilisation” owe their pedigree to this Latin origin. Eventually, it came to correspond with the French “urbs”, meaning city in a more physical sense.
  • Growth, green growth and development

    The dictionary meaning of “growth” is “getting bigger”, in size or volume, whereas “development” is improvement in the quality of a system. It can be an individual, a community, or a nation.
  • The Gordian Knot of Dhaka city governance

    We have managed to turn a serene, rustic, romantic Dhaka into a dishevelled, messy concrete slum just within a century.
  • A retreat from multilateralism

    The two-day summit of the exclusive but informal club of G20 comprising of the big industrial and developing countries, held between July 7-8, ended with the issuance of a Communiqué, a ritualistic outcome of such events.