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  • Niloufer Manzur – An Unparalleled Nation Builder

    Mrs Manzur was a nation-builder in the truest sense of the word -- and this too while being surrounded by a plethora of notable personalities in her own family.
  • Mobilising the spirit of Ramadan in the fight against Covid-19

    From a religious perspective, Ramadan has always been a time of self-reflection, restraint and altruism—and given the struggles being faced by daily wage earners and, in reality, a majority of Bangladeshis today, we have a unique opportunity to invest in our faith to collectively tackle the challenges posed by Covid-19.
  • Disengaged voters in a declining democracy

    As Bangladesh celebrates the centennial birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman via the commemoration of 2020-2021 as the “Mujib Year”, it is important if not necessary for citizens to reflect on the symbolic achievements of Bangabandhu, in addition to partaking in celebratory events throughout the year.
  • The dominance of business elites in the political economy

    The term “neopatrimonialism” is defined by political scientist Christopher Clapham as a system in which “relationships of a broadly patrimonial type pervade a political and administrative system, which is formally constructed on rational-legal lines”.
  • Reasons behind Trudeau’s slim victory

    A second term in office awaits the incumbent Canadian prime minister, as the centre-left Liberal Party managed to secure enough parliamentary seats to ensure that a