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  • Mir Aftabuddin Ahmed

  • The case for a four-day workweek

    Nordic countries have earned a reputation for experimenting, and in many cases succeeding, in taking their societies beyond traditional economic systems, thereby driving them towards being progressive welfare states.
  • The 2020 Development Pathshala: Through the lens of BEACON

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) remains the prima facie directional narrative for our collective progression towards a more equitable economy—both at home and abroad.
  • Enhancing financial literacy through inclusion and education

    Financial literacy is defined as the ability to recognise and effectively use diversified financial skills, tools and services, especially with reference to personal banking management, investment strategies and budgeting.
  • Niloufer Manzur – An Unparalleled Nation Builder

    Mrs Manzur was a nation-builder in the truest sense of the word -- and this too while being surrounded by a plethora of notable personalities in her own family.
  • Mobilising the spirit of Ramadan in the fight against Covid-19

    From a religious perspective, Ramadan has always been a time of self-reflection, restraint and altruism—and given the struggles being faced by daily wage earners and, in reality, a majority of Bangladeshis today, we have a unique opportunity to invest in our faith to collectively tackle the challenges posed by Covid-19.