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  • Milia Ali

    The writer is a renowned Rabindra Sangeet exponent and a former employee of the World Bank.

  • Begum Sufia Kamal: A moral hero

    Today, after a period of hiatus, I have once again taken up my pen (metaphorically) to remember and celebrate a hero—a woman of courage and integrity who changed the world, not with fire and fury but with her soft touch.
  • Isolation and solitude: Life in the time of corona

    It has only been a month of isolation, yet it feels like “One hundred years of solitude”.
  • When will America be ready?

    As my daughter and I drove to the polling booth last week to vote at the Democratic Primaries in the United States, I asked: “So,
  • The shift of ‘soft power’

    Over the past three months, I have lost many nights of sleep, abandoned my favourite political TV programmes, and ignored household chores.
  • Happy 20/20

    I am sitting at my desk, with a hot cup of tea, peering out at the foggy winter morning enveloping the placid Gulshan Lake.