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  • MH Sunny

    Md. Mahamudul Hasan

    MH Sunny is a technology expert on digital media especially for news portal, web and apps development. He has been working for 8 years at The Daily Star of its digital media department. And he is a technical contact person for its online department. He is responsible to provide all technical supports to online journalist of its digital media department. He performs as a technical advisory role of The Daily Star. He working on news portal, digital transformation, news publish, news upload, IVR, social media channels of The Daily Star. He has started the job at The Daily Star as a web programmer / web associates. Now he is working as a Lead Programmer Analyst at The Daily Star. But He is performing the duties of Digital Media Editor since the year of 2015 as well. He has experience to work some renowned software companies. At 2010, he worked at TRUST IT Ltd. as a senior programmer. He has experience at requirement analysts, system design, coding, testing, etc. He works with a variety of programming languages and web tools including different content management systems, e.g., C, C++,PHP, Android, SQL,nodejs, angular, MySql, Oracle, mongodb, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. He is experience on different google tools, e.g., Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google adWords, Double Click for Publisher, etc.

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