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  • Legacy of a Dhaka-born business that thrived beyond

    Indifferent attitude towards Old Dhaka’s heritage buildings is continually turning our fascinating past rather obscure. So much so, even if you walk past an old structure soaked in history, you may not even notice it at all, let alone appreciate it.
  • A Mediterranean feast

    The lawn of the Italian ambassador’s residence in the capital last night turned into a celebration of Italian cuisine, where regional delicacies from across the country were featured, with the aim of promoting healthy eating and Mediterranean diet.
  • Old vs new town: A sehri story

    Call me old-fashioned, but I am rather unconvinced when it comes to dining out for sehri. For me, it is a meal to be dealt with swiftly and without much fuss at home, with half-closed sleepy eyes and in pyjamas. But it seems for the rest of Dhaka, it is a different story.

    Nothing beats good food and great company. To amplify that experience, imagine a band playing your favourite songs while you indulge in scrumptious dishes from a variety of choices -- all in one place.
  • A peek into Mughal Dhaka

    Nestled between Tin Netar Mazar and court buildings, the mosque-and-tomb compound of Haji Khwaja Shahbaz takes one back to the Mughal era, perhaps because there are no high-rises directly overshadowing its premises.