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  • Mehnaz Tabassum Khaleel

  • Mastering grace

    Filling your eyes with layer after layer of eye shadow for every look and occasion is a complete buzz kill. Rather, if you are a makeup aficionado, experiment with dark shades of matte lipstick, finishing the look with hues of crimson or coral blush and avoid putting eye shadow altogether.
  • Trending casuals: Tenzing Chakma’s latest offers

    Tenzing Chakma, one of the most accomplished designers in our country is known for spinning his magic into creations that present an eclectic blend of deeply rooted ethnic traditions and mainstream Bangladeshi fashion.
  • Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image

    Bengal Wellbeing commenced its first ever fitness centre on 12 January, 2019 at the Innstar Limited building,
  • Grande Boulevard- An exhibition like no other

    Grande Boulevard perfectly captured grandeur in its aesthetics and impeccable execution. The exhibition was an unprecedented feat, bringing together high-end local and international names under one roof to celebrate the upcoming festivities of Eid-ul-Adha.
  • The centre of attraction

    Centre tables have long been integral to home décor, creating a huge impact on the outlook transcending the entire room in which they are placed.