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  • Md. Khalequzzaman

    The writer is Professor of Geology, Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA 17745,

  • What Bangladesh should demand from India

    The upcoming visit by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India has generated a lot of excitement and expectations among the people in both Bangladesh and India.
  • Farakka Barrage

    The utility of Farakka Barrage?

    The recent proposal by Bihar's Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar to demolish the Farakka barrage caught attention both in Bangladesh and India. Many environmentalists in India are giving a thumbs up to the proposal while also raising concerns about potential damage to river ecosystems should such demolition of the barrage actually take place. Environmentalists in Bangladesh, on the other hand,
  • Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Not the most practical proposal

    Bangladesh is considered to be extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In an attempt to provide safety and security...