Mastura Tasnim

Sex Education: No Need to be Shy

Bangladesh needs to develop age-appropriate, inclusive, system-backed sex education

3w ago

Bollywood, sex education, and teaching consent

I found out last Sunday that Ajay Devgn taught my husband about consent.

The Sylhet floods are anything but normal

As you read this piece, the water is receding in Sunamganj, while the bodies surface.

Youth Policy Forum’s '2020 Budget Dialogue' starts today

To do a deep dive into the 2020 national budget, Youth Policy Forum (YPF) has organised the “The 2020 Budget Dialogue” – a by sector expert analysis spanning three weeks, starting from today.

Dhaka Attack: The Aftermath

July 1, 2016: The day our way of life changed, perhaps forever.

Letterspace: For Simple Writing

You're looking for something like Evernote that does group work or gives word count (What kind of writing app doesn't have a word count system).

There's no poem for the accountant

No romantic ballad about his nine to five routine

Moronic Advice

If everyone is beautiful then by default, no one is beautiful. Besides, when did it become so important for everyone to be beautiful?

GoT's Moral Minefield

As you read this, the post-GoT-season-finale frenzy is in full force. No matter what sort of plot deviation, book spoiler

Game of Thrones’ Moral Minefield

You have witnessed a psychopath rape a character who has grown up on screen, and a father burn his daughter at the stake for power. At this point you have to ask yourself, where does the line lie?


From bombs to blockades, it's getting harder and harder to question social norms, to debate the policies that shape our world.

Dreaming Of Reality

First, they grabbed her long hair.