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  • Blogs to follow for writers

    There are times, for almost every writer out there, when they find themselves at a complete loss for words. Either they get backed up in a corner without a clue about how to continue further with their content, dried out of any enthusiasm and inspiration, or merely need help with building their information base.
  • Things we did during lunch breaks

    School lunch breaks had been the beacon of light amidst non-stop lectures, surprise tests, and lengthy class works.
  • Musings of a First-time Solo Traveller

    Okay, here are some facts. Going on trips is something no one will ever turn their back on, it's always been on the top of people's lists for any approaching holiday season, and it'll always be the go-to plan for any generation facing any existential crisis.
  • Remembering Beyblade

    Rewind time to a decade ago when we had limited access to multimedia entertainment, when most of our schedules were seized by study books and homeworks
  • Having a career map for BBA students

    We're all so used to scrolling past titles promising legit life hacks and tales of legendary figures rising from the ashes wearing robes of golden courage. We've had to hear these stories even when screens weren't keeping us from the reality 24/7, and at one point this supposed push factor crossed the line of utter annoyance and got warped into becoming a heart-rending angst instead.