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    It's given how – for most of us at least – a far better experience is to watch an anime screening than to read its print counterpart. The motion pictures mean better fight scenes to get hooked to, better animation to rave about and better soundtrack for our playlists.
  • Ways to get out of caffeine dependency

    Having the option to turn to coffee to help with pulling an all-nighter during exams, or make a steaming cup of tea to kick start the morning all fresh and
  • Noteworthy Female Antagonists

    A morally twisted or grey female antagonist, when done right, can make for an interesting read; adding complexity to the story, and usually bringing a fresher take on a profoundly evil motive. Here are some of the well-written, quality female anti-heroes that not only won over the audience but also left an impact.
  • Blogs to follow for writers

    There are times, for almost every writer out there, when they find themselves at a complete loss for words. Either they get backed up in a corner without a clue about how to continue further with their content, dried out of any enthusiasm and inspiration, or merely need help with building their information base.
  • Things we did during lunch breaks

    School lunch breaks had been the beacon of light amidst non-stop lectures, surprise tests, and lengthy class works.