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  • Mashiat Lamisa

    Mashiat Lamisa is often seen frowning at the sight of people who dislike poetry and tomatoes. She can be reached at

  • Talk To Your Professors

    Tips for a good teacher-student relationship with your professors in university.

    What if we met not in this decade but in one where love would be a mechanical process? Would it be different then? Or is it what it is? What if we met at an age when engineers created love like they create machines now?
  • Cat ❤ Chicken

    Some stories begin with a “He looked at the distant shore and a seagull appeared” while some start with “I walk an empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams”. This story, however, does not start with either of the sentences.
  • Living with less

    Although I was sort of familiar with the word “minimalism”, it wasn't until I saw a video of a woman living out of a sleeping bag that I got intrigued by the idea of a minimalistic life.
  • Jar Man

    I still had so much love to offer you when you left. I wanted to give you it all, let you build snow globes with it—but you left earlier than I thought you would.