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  • Maliha Khan

    The writer is a graduate of the Asian University for Women with a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • The misleading claims

    Suu Kyi: Please allow me to clarify the term clearance operation. Its meaning has been distorted. As early as the 1950s has been used against communists. It simply means to clear an area of insurgents or terrorists.

    The soft light of the setting sun illuminates the entire section every time I walk in, mostly because I AM ALWAYS LATE. On one side white balloons hang, on another side a dart board.
  • “I never start writing until I can hear the voices of the main characters in my head”

    I always had a desire to write fiction from school days onwards, but ‘to be a writer’ seemed like an unattainable goal.
  • Lost in documentation

    A long-awaited and yet-to-be released ‘Ethno-Linguistic Survey of Bangladesh’ identifies 14 indigenous languages on the verge of extinction. Completed in 2015, this is the first large-scale linguistic survey undertaken in the country since the colonial-era ‘Linguistic Survey of India’ by George Abraham Grierson in 1928.
  • Polygamy in the CAMPS

    Earlier, I wrote on sexual and gender-based violence in the camps as well as the psychosocial support provided in the camps to Rohingya women in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.