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  • Working towards a stronger nation through empowering women

    With the tagline, ‘Empower our women, bloom our nation’, the social welfare organisation Solace intends to address gender-based discrimination through important conversations.
  • Introducing Team Bangladesh of 22nd Int’l Robot Olympiad

    The International Robot Olympiad (IRO) aims to develop the interest of students in the field of robotics. The 22nd edition of the olympiad was organised in Daegu, South Korea, but due the ongoing pandemic, participants from different countries sent their entries online, and were assessed virtually.
  • Ways to achieve your resolutions in 2021

    On January 1, everyone seems to have an idea about what their new year will look like, from healthier habits to learning new skills.
  • Lessons I learnt in 2020

    2020 has been difficult for everyone. As I say goodbye to the year, I look back at some of the important lessons I learnt.
  • Manobota-19 reaches out to people in need

    Manobota-19, a social welfare organisation, was founded by Sadvan Sarwar Shuvo, earlier this year. The organisation primarily intends to support underprivileged individuals by providing them with food.