Mahir A Rahman

Mahir A Rahman is a research associate at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)..

Roger Federer: The legend, the person

Federer the person was even more important to me than Federer the tennis player.

Economists and their predictions: What lies beneath the illusion of simplicity?

One of the most common shortcomings of the general art of prediction among economists is that the information we rely on draws on a theoretical framework based on past data and future expectations.

Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: A Comparative Anatomy

South Asia has been one of the fastest growing regions in the modern world, driven mostly by India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Ramadan, consumers and just pricing

Price hikes of essential goods during Ramadan has become a regular occurrence in Bangladesh. It is justified, from an economic point of

Morality in the age of social media

The evolution of morality and ethics in the 21st century has taken a whole new direction, owing to the mass awareness and participation made possible by the ubiquity of social media.

Is our generation ready for future challenges?

History is filled with the tales of struggles against oppressors, and to a neutral observer, Bangladesh’s momentous victory against Pakistan in 1971 may be viewed with no particular proclivity.