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  • Thoughts and prayers are not enough

    It happened a few days back on New Year's Eve. A 16-year-old boy in New Jersey, US, killed four members of his family on December 31, just a few minutes before the brand new year dawned.
  • What happened to Colin Kaepernick's message?

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly important news stories fade away from the media only to be replaced by new events and happenings. Just a month ago, the National Football League of the US, better known as the NFL, dominated the news all over
  • “Where to Invade Next” - a timely satire

    The title "Where to Invade Next" is catchy. In the current political climate of the United States, where election fever has gripped the country...
  • Teaching my child her mother tongue

    Almost every morning I chat with my mom on Viber or Skype. We are thousands of miles apart, she is in Bangladesh and I am in the
  • A harsh reality for Muslim-Americans

    When I first heard about the San Bernardino, California shootings that happened on December 2, I hoped that the gunmen didn't turn