Koushin Unber

The Menu: Social commentary served on a silver platter

The Menu served, ate, but it certainly left some crumbs behind.

The deal with our love for bargaining

At this point, it's fair to say bargaining has been ingrained into our culture.

How media lies to you about what love is

Setting a flimsy standard of what an ideal relationship should look like.

Our misconceptions surrounding philanthropy

Philanthropic ventures of the rich and their businesses actually fuel the social and economic problems.

BeReal: Recapturing social media authenticity

BeReal promises to be a healthier version of photo-sharing.

What young people are wearing to weddings this winter

One of the most enjoyable aspects surrounding weddings is definitely the dressing-up part of it.

Sir John Wilson School hosts charity concert “Salvation 2.0”, with Dameer as surprise guest

Around 600 guests, including parents and alumni were present at the event.

Guide to hosting a World Cup watch party

Invite friends over, have a blast, or cry.

Dhaka is aesthetically tiring to look at

As far as city planning goes, Dhaka city may have received the shortest end of the stick.

How to get started with debating

How can you, as an absolute beginner, get started with debating?

SMITHEREENS: An album that screams Joji

Joji has won the hearts of this generation again with his newest album.

Why we like dystopian novels so much

Dystopian novels aren't just a reflection of our current times, they are also vehicles to spread awareness.

Has the media's obsession with Shakib Khan gone too far?

Recently, there has been a surge in coverage of the actor Shakib Khan and his personal life.

How texting reinvented the way language works

Texting is a quick way of relaying messages, but it has changed communication.

Should we be glorifying “hustle culture”?

Although it's natural to hustle, we often compromise our health for results.

How to have a quintessential prom in Bangladesh

The prom experience would remain incomplete without these.

Meet the world champions of debating

SHOUT sits down for an interview with the champions of WUDC 2022.

What’s the big deal with gender pronouns anyway?

In recent years, the practice of including your preferred pronouns during introductions has become increasingly common.

When music criticism takes a wrong turn

When discussions turn into diatribes, it ruins the platform for music promotion and reception.

Love Death + Robots is the best thing to happen to Netflix

Volume 3 compensates for its rather disappointing predecessor.

What we mean by “Look good, feel better”

Dressing up is an excellent form of self-care.

Things nobody tells you before O Level exams

Things I wish I knew before I entered the exam hall.

The curse of being a “gifted child”

Being a gifted child is enviable. So, why is it a curse?