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  • Kamal Ahmed

  • Do police really need to use more powerful weapons?

    Recent incidents of violence, including attacks on public establishments, seem to have unnerved our police. As a result, the Inspector General of Police has instructed senior law enforcement officials to firmly address such incidence,
  • Surveillance without any oversight

    The launching of an On-site Identification and Verification System (OIVS) by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) is undoubtedly a significant addition of a digital tool in policing.
  • Celebrating the legacy of a chronicler

    Can journalists be activists? This is perhaps the most troubling question every journalist has to confront while dealing with issues of public interest. Journalism is about assembling and verifying facts, and conveying fair and accurate accounts.
  • Embracing new forms of protest in Asia

    The anti-government protests currently sweeping through South and Southeast Asia appear to have gained extraordinary strength and resilience.
  • Welcome recognition of Bangladeshi as first-ever ‘pollution’ refugee

    The recent verdict by a French court stopping the deportation of an unnamed Bangladeshi on the grounds of deadly air pollution in Dhaka has raised eyebrows among many of us.