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  • Kamal Ahmed

  • Is Great Britain becoming a great breacher of international law?

    It is probably the first time that the House of Commons recorded a statement by a cabinet member that a legislation brought by the government of Great Britain will breach international law.
  • A British fiasco derived from algorithm

    It was a British fiasco, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson termed it a “mutant algorithm”. The fiasco is about the exam results of both GCSE and A-level involving millions of pupils.
  • Justice for Sinha can initiate justice for others too

    “The Police does not shoulder the responsibility of any misdeed committed by an individual”, claims the Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA), a representative body of the members of the police cadre in the country.
  • UK’s long-awaited ‘smart’ action against human rights abusers

    The United Kingdom has finally adopted the long-awaited Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime aimed at tackling human rights abusers around the world.
  • DfID’s demise redefines aid

    The United Kingdom has once again returned to the old conservative principle that development aid must be tied to political and foreign policy objectives of the donor government, instead of targets set by various global organisations through consensus.