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  • Kamal Ahmed

  • UK’s long-awaited ‘smart’ action against human rights abusers

    The United Kingdom has finally adopted the long-awaited Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime aimed at tackling human rights abusers around the world.
  • DfID’s demise redefines aid

    The United Kingdom has once again returned to the old conservative principle that development aid must be tied to political and foreign policy objectives of the donor government, instead of targets set by various global organisations through consensus.
  • Why COVID-19 is not a leveller

    When COVID-19 reached some of the most protected and powerful people of the world like the resident of Number 10, Downing Street and the best known royal Prince Charles or forced Prime Minister Trudeau to self-isolate, many people described this virus as a great leveller.
  • Concern for Kajol during the pandemic

    Does anyone know what had happened to Utpal Das? If you cannot remember who Utpal is, no one would blame you.
  • Crossfire deaths in Teknaf

    The deaths of seven suspected Rohingya robbers in a single incident of so-called crossfire are not normal, even in an environment where such extrajudicial killings have become the new normal.