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  • Kamal Ahmed

  • Welcome recognition of Bangladeshi as first-ever ‘pollution’ refugee

    The recent verdict by a French court stopping the deportation of an unnamed Bangladeshi on the grounds of deadly air pollution in Dhaka has raised eyebrows among many of us.
  • After a no deal scare, Brexit is finally over

    It’s finally over. On Christmas Eve, when exhaustion from long haggling was about to set in, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared, “We have taken back control of our laws and our destiny”.
  • EU’s new human rights regime ushers new hope

    In a rare admission of the suffering caused by the targeted sanctions imposed by the United States, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, told the media that she had lost all banking services and had to transact solely in cash.
  • Covid vaccines again expose global inequity

    Each time we learn about a potential Covid vaccine, there is jubilation throughout the globe. Perhaps, the most widely and closely tracked things in the world now are the most promising vaccines.
  • Ban GCM for claiming ownership of our coal

    A controversial energy company, forced to wind down most of its operations and exposure in Bangladesh following a popular opposition from the local population, is now claiming Phulbari’s coal deposits as their resources.