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  • Jahanara Tariq

  • Vaping or smoking — the lesser evil

    Are e-cigarettes the route to diminish the tobacco epidemic? Or is it just choosing the lesser of two evils? Let us look into the details, and shatter the myths relating to the various smoking and vaping trends circulating around our concrete jungle Dhaka.
  • Green is the new black

    Even though many claim global warming and the entire concept of climate change to be a hoax, it is very evident how global warming is causing various disrupting changes around us.
  • Decorating a teenager's room

    Thanks to Hollywood and other existing norms, we often relate teenagers and their rooms to be their den, a place for meditation and salvation, either flamboyantly decorated in hues of pink and peach, or overladen with clumsy posters of celebrities with loud music blaring from speakers.
  • Sprucing Up the Guest Room

    Decorating a guest bedroom is a very tricky deal, if you ask me. On the one hand, you need to consider making the room feel cosy, welcoming and of course, comfortable.
  • Divide and rule

    A brilliant way to spice up your living space making it more useful is by adding more dimensions, and a great way to do that is through room dividers.