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  • We are what we remember

    When Nana was 24, he saw Muslims slaughtered in prayer. As men prostrated before God, the cold of steel met the warmth of flesh,
  • The Rape of the Rohingya

    When Rohingya refugees first enter Bangladesh, they are greeted with questions. What happened? Who were they with? Where?
  • Do the masses really vote for fascism?

    The elections are over, and India has spoken. Or so I hear. Modi will go on to rule for five more years, the country will systematically
  • Longing for a home long gone

    On a dusky summer night in Sylhet, Mahfuz emerged from the darkness and stepped on a frog.
  • The price of faith in China

    This Ramadan, spare a thought for Muslims who find themselves on the edge of the night. Take a moment to think of Uyghurs who