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  • Hisham M Nazer

    The writer is Lecturer of the Department of English, Varendra University, Rajshahi.

  • The Idea of a Private University

    Perhaps it is time one should write on the real idea behind a private university and prove that Newman and his ideas
  • Between the Covers of Books

    “I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on
  • A Hil(l)arious reality show in the “unbelievable company” of Trump

    Would it be so wrong if anyone rephrased Marx, and said: America determines everything? To some extent we cannot deny the truth of such a statement. And when their foreign policies have sure effects on us—the people who live in the “third world” countries, waiting,
  • Freeing literature from a colonial mindset

    Unless we pace up a little bit [in Literature], we are going to end up as a nation which will always be the “other” even with all our so-called anti-colonial enterprises and outward, and hence superficial, manifestations of mere West-resisting-whim.