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  • Haseeb Chowdhury

  • Newly refreshed BMW 5 series launched

    Executive Motors Limited has launched the facelifted BMW 5 series in Bangladesh at their showroom on February 16, 2020. Life Cycle Impulse or LCI is the terminology BMW assigns to their mid-cycle refresh, more aptly called facelift models. Changes include full LED head and tail lights, L-shaped daytime driving lights, enlarged kidney grille, and many more.
  • The Z-Air

    It was well past my bedtime. I mean, when else is Dhaka compliant enough to be your personal race track?
  • The Raptor makes its official debut in Bangladesh

    For the first time in the history of ever, a Raptor lays its foot on Bangladeshi soil. Ford Raptors historically have had ridiculously large engine displacements and outright absurd performance numbers which meant they are not at all a feasible car to import for Bangladeshi consumers.
  • 2020 Starlet/Glanza meet held

    Starlet EP and KP Owners BD group has held their annual Starlet/Glanza meetup at the capitals Chef’s Table Courtside on Friday December 18.
  • Mercedes-Benz Winter Meet 2020

    This year, we saw almost zero car meets in Dhaka, a stark contrast to 2019 where it seemed like every other weekend there was something going on. Now that the situation is easing up ever so slightly, the Mercedes Benz Owner’s Club held their annual Mercedes Benz Heritage Meet, but this time with a selected roster and an even strictly regulated audience.