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  • For the love of eighty six

    Ah yes, the mighty eighty six. Almost every video on the internet will tell you how it’s a blank canvas for you to make your own and trust me,
  • Automotive careers for the creatively inclined

    Being an automotive enthusiast has its quirks, in a sense that no one really takes it seriously. Many look at it from a “boys with their toys” point of view and mothers tend to tease that we will end up becoming mechanics in the future.
  • Tesla Cybertruck versus the world

    Tesla Cybertruck The Tesla Cybertruck makes big promises. During the launch, Elon claimed that the car is bulletproof, and the cold rolled ultra-hard steel underpinnings are quite reassuring.
  • SEMA 2019: our top picks

    If you think owning a Huracan isn’t flashy enough, here’s a brightly coloured tricked out widebody Lambo is sure to catch some glances.
  • All Turbo Show 2019

    Biswas Imports and the Evo STi Owners Club Bangladesh partnered up and hosted the All Turbo Car Show on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at International Convention City Bashundhara.