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  • Hasan Maruf

  • The Hunt

    The crunch of snow beneath our pads was cracking like the breaking of bones between our teeth. The tundra, echoing for miles, a vast white desert, and our breath is the only warmth in the barren winterscape.
  • In Between the Lamps

    The pale yellow moon shone through the leafless winter trees. Their silhouettes were the only beauty in the dark between the lights of town. I hunted the imagined monsters that live in the dark. I was out in the fields where no one should walk alone.
  • Speak with Ceaseless Spark; Speak to Leave an Indelible Mark

    “Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent,” said Dionysius of Halicarnassus. While realizing the essence of this sagacious saying, we can readily conclude that good English speaker is rarer than hens’ teeth in these regions of the world where there is an outlandish, preternatural and almost spurious cultural supposition that having a kingly command of the English language is rather an odious pageantry of colonial aggrandizement.
  • Tears of Dying Calm

    I separate the bleeding stars

    Each writer born must have a muse, Or so I’m told, for if they do, And if they should, do they know how To let it in or haven’t found