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  • Firdousi Naher

  • Honking our way through!

    It’s a pleasantly cool and breezy morning and I look forward to enjoying the weather outside on my way to office. Eager to make the most of it before the rush hour traffic sets in, I leave early. No sooner do I exit the compound than the jarring sound of a horn greets me—a car behind ours, probably urging us to move faster! As we drive through to enter the main road, many more horns await us, despite it being 6:45 in the morning. The unexpectedly cool weather after a long spell of sweltering heat had made me momentarily forget about the annoying horns that plague our daily lives!
  • Case for a critical review of our education

    This write-up comes on the heels of a recently-concluded international conference hosted by the Bureau of Economic Research and the Department of Economics, University of Dhaka. Amongst the many issues that were discussed on the pathways to achieve inclusive