Faiza Khondokar

Natural décor ideas to accentuate your rooms

Add that fresh and pleasant touch of summer to your interior design options.

Creative ideas to adorn your centre table

Centre tables often end up being the literal ‘centre of attraction’ of your living room, not only because of how they look but also because of their myriad uses.

Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr 2022 at The Palace Luxury Resort

Eid ul Fitr 2022 will be a reminiscence of the ‘good old’ Eids where people could celebrate one of the most festive times without having to worry about a pandemic.

Shab-e-Barat: The night of fortune and forgiveness

The holy Shab-e-Barat is a very special night for Muslims. Although the main prayers and Holy Quran recitations start at night, the vibrancy and festiveness start as soon as the day commences.

BTS: Unorthodox advocates of self-love and mental health

Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean for Bulletproof Boy Scouts), more commonly known as BTS (Behind the Scene), is undoubtedly a household name amongst the young generation.

Ways to decorate your window sill

You will be surprised to know how easily window sills can be styled to literally transform your rooms in the most creative ways.

Getting your preferred blanket for a cosy winter

If you are looking for something fluffy with excellent heat-retaining capability, comforters are one of the best options to choose from. Duvets are quite similar to comforters, except for a few differences. Duvets should be used with duvet covers, thus allowing you achieve multiple looks for your room décor by regularly changing the covers.

Brooches for women

They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Brooches are a sophisticated and timeless piece of jewellery, which can transform your look into a classier one.

Bachao: App to prevent sexual assault and rape

The Bachao App was created to help prevent rape, a crime that remains to be constantly on the rise. The Bachao app is an excellent initiative to fulfil this purpose. We should all contribute by registering as volunteer so that if the time comes, we can save someone from something horrible.

The Swadeshi Movement inspires couturier Emdad Hoque

The Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) took part in the event where the work of 11 Bangladeshi fashion designers were displayed.

Local tourism in times of pandemic

The constant rise in cases and periodic lockdowns brought a kind of hiatus on Bangladesh’s tourism for more than a year. Fortunately, for the last two months or so, things started looking relatively better as number of cases started reducing and mass vaccination was underway.

Kashmiri’s Studio — bringing customised cakes to your plates

Kashmiri’s Studio was launched in 2018. The owner, Kashmiri Sultana, had always been very passionate about cooking and baking.

Back to the ‘90s Fashion

Flared and wide-legged jeans were everyone’s go-to denim option before skinny jeans became a thing. They are very comfortable to wear in almost all weather and can be paired with a variety of tops. These jeans are a good option for both official and casual looks. They seem to go well with almost every body type.

The ‘no makeup’ look

However, it is not as easy as it seems to pull the look off properly. Certain hacks must be followed to get the desired result.

Natural DIY solutions to prevent hair fall

Hair fall is a phenomenon almost everyone faces in some point of life, irrespective of gender or age. Excluding the very few lucky ones, most people experience hair fall in either mild or extreme forms

Counselling 101

To put it simply, counselling is the science of talking out our emotions and feelings, and learning the mechanism of dealing with them. To be more precise, it is the process of taking professional help or support to solve or minimise any kind of emotional or psychological issue.

Self-care during mourning phase

There is of course no way to reduce this pain at that very moment and the void created by the passing of a dear one can never be filled. Yet, life must go on and we have to move on.

The benefits of running regularly

One of the best forms of physical exercise

Fitness at your fingertips

If you are thinking of embarking on the fitness journey to work off all that lockdown weight or are already on board, here are a number of exercise apps that can be your best friend. They will give you a pretty decent workout experience and enable you to analyse your performance, so make sure to check them out.

Food safety innovations you just cannot miss

The month of June celebrates something we all love — food! There have been many technologies innovated and introduced globally that serve to ensure that absolutely the safest and best food is delivered to consumers.

Antioxidants — your everyday ‘elixir of youth’

Antioxidants are compounds produced by the human body that fight free radicals, substances that are by-products of our body’s regular metabolism. These radicals do not pose much threat when present in moderate amounts. However, excess amounts jeopardise human health and have been linked to a wide variety of diseases.

It’s reading time!

Every Breath, The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks); It Ends with Us (Colleen Hoover); Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire); Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell);

Today’s Athena

As part of International Women’s Day, BRAC University Natural Sciences Club (BUNSC) arranged an event, styled ‘Today’s Athena,’ at BRAC University’s Mohakhali campus. The name was inspired by Athena, the Greek Goddess of warfare, courage and wisdom. The programme was divided into two phases — a self-defence workshop, followed by a very interactive talk session.

January: month of cervical cancer awareness

Stepping into the first month of a new year, we also enter a month of cancer awareness.

Help to Heal Fighting Breast Cancer together

BRAC University Natural Sciences Club (BUNSC) arranged their day-long fund-raising event, ‘Help to Heal,’ on 18 November, 2019 at their Mohakhali campus. The main objective behind this event was to create awareness on breast cancer and to help fight it at the same time.


To combat breast cancer, October had been declared as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ since 1985.

Spectacular, you say?

If you are not blessed with 20/20 vision, and if lenses or surgery — no matter how trivial, is one that you shall avoid till you breathe your last, then you are left with no choice but to rely on your glasses as your ‘vision partner.’

Happy once again…

As she stepped outside, the sunshine made Laila squint, and she had to use her hands to block the light. Her tiny hands now felt

May Day — how it came to be

The Day has its origin in the USA. In the late nineteenth century, the working class was in constant struggle to gain the 8-hour work day. Conditions were severe, and it was quite common for labourers to work 10 to 16 hours a day in unsafe conditions.

Nature Carnival 2019

BRAC University Natural Sciences Club hosted the first ever Nature Carnival at its Mohakhali campus on 31 March, 2019. Styline Cosmetics was the event partner of the event.

Know your hand wash!

There are innumerable hand care products these days- hand and nail creams, balms, hand cuticle cream, hand gel cleansers, hand manicure butter, hand sanitisers, and of course, the hand wash.

Time to call the exterminator, or not!

Are you tired of waking up every morning to find one or two cockroaches crawling over your dining table? Or worse, on top of your cutlery, jug, or glass?

The tale of Christmas

According to the sermons of Saint Augustine of Hippo, an early Christian theologian and philosopher, Jesus was born on the date of the winter solstice, an astronomical phenomenon which marks the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.

Consanguineous marriage - Yes or No?

Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Franklin Roosevelt, Saddam Hussein, Queen Victoria, King Phillip II of Spain, Satyajit Ray- people from different religions, upbringings, eras, vocations and regions of the world. But surprisingly, they had one thing in common- they had all married their cousins.

An insight to gynaecological and breast cancer

Cancer is at the moment one of the most daunting and pressing health issues around the world, and research and other related work are being conducted around the world to find long term solutions to this critical and varied disease, if not a cure.

Reading Food Labels Correctly

Knowing what type of nutrients are present in the processed food that we eat and their exact amount is the key to being a cautious eater. Food labels or nutritional labels make it much easier to compare food and find nutritional values that suit the body.

Intermittent fasting- the new diet planner in town

Intermittent fasting, as the name suggests, is a dieting scheme or plan which involves a period of eating, followed by a period of not eating, repeated over time. Of course, water is consumed during the fasting period, including fluids like fruit juices, tea, coffee etc. but, without sugar, or very small amounts of sugar, preferably less than 50 calories.

Taking out the trash

Managing the waste that we produce everyday plays a crucial role in our lives. It is almost like an 'art.’ As easy as it might sound, it may actually be more complicated, especially if you want to manage your waste by disposing them properly and not harming anyone or anything in the process.

Modern day Family Planning

As we are living in the modern and 'evolved' era, all aspects of life and people's lifestyles have taken a turn, a leap. Old perceptions are going as people embrace new and unprecedented techniques, methods and inventions.

Defining Health

Health. A small word. But a word for which different people have different meanings. Health is a relative term. To some, it is something you are born with while to others it is a choice and some may even say it is your lifestyle.

Donate blood, donate life

Blood donation has been a major concern of societies, and continues to be so, as blood donors are still scarce, compared to the regular demand for blood transfusions. Every day, all around the globe, many lose their lives due to lack of or delayed blood transfusion.

Road to a sound and healthy heart

Does the sight of a cheesy, gooey burger or the mere mention of pizza make you drool in anticipation? And, have you ever wondered how your poor heart, pumping blood to all parts of your body, reacts to these cravings?

Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is a pivotal event in any girl's life, marking the beginning of her reproductive life. Apart from all the mental repercussions associated with this rite of passage imposed by nature that manifest with time, immediately more important is the hygiene associated with it.