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  • Weight matters: obesity and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges around the world. Apart from the health risks of the coronavirus, the food we eat, the way we work and how physically active we are having all been changed and impacted in ways hardly imaginable only a few months ago.
  • Strengthen immunity and fight coronavirus

    Fears about coronavirus have prompted online searches and plenty of misinformation about how to strengthen the immune system. As worries grow about the new coronavirus, online searches for ways to bolster the immune system have surged.
  • Role of Zinc and Selenium in boosting immunity

    Almost all nutrients in the diet play a crucial role in maintaining an optimal immune response, and both insufficient and excessive intakes can have negative consequences on the immune status and susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. Among the most important ones are zinc and selenium.
  • Healthy eating habits

    Corporate nutrition for better productivity

    A healthy workplace complements by supporting the health and wellbeing of employees. Public health strategies place increasing emphasis on opportunities to promote healthy behaviours within the workplace setting. Productivity at work can get greatly affected
  • Inner health for outer beauty

    There is increasing awareness of the relationship between our inner health and outer beauty. Our dietary choices have a dramatic impact on our skin’s health and ageing processes.