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    Elita Karim

    Singer; Writer; Editor of Arts and Entertainment, The Daily Star; Loves books, visuals, sleep and eating bowls of apples, pears and oranges.

  • ‘Anubhutir Abhidhan’: A peek into the world of Tahsan Khan

    As a lover of books and music, it is no surprise that I would pick up Anubhutir Abhidhan (Addhayan Prokashoni, 2021), a book of musings, stories, and poems written by Tahsan Khan— singer, songwriter, actor, teacher, and also a mentor to many in Bangladesh.
  • Challenges for young journalists: Pointers by Rita Nahar

    DRU is an excellent platform for young journalists, providing ample opportunities for seniors and juniors in this profession to work together to solve problems, and discuss various issues. Our special training programmes are designed to be youth-friendly. Our magazine, Reporter’s Voice, and women’s platform, Konthoshor, highlight experiences of young journalists.
  • In his words: The last conversation with Aly Zaker

    I have written my life story from the time that I can remember till early 1971. It was published by Ittadi Prokashoni. The one I am writing is the second part where I talk about my philosophy of life; so much happened after independence—theatre, love, marriage, children.
  • Ananta Jalil’s dangerous tirade

    One of the proverbs that I have grown to dislike, especially in the last many years is—ek haathe taali baaje na (you need two hands to clap), roughly translating to, a deed is done only if two or more people come together to do it. It is not possible for one sole person to accomplish something.
  • Gazi Nafis Ahmed’s take on visual arts

    Gazi Nafis Ahmed is a visual artist working in Spain. His pictures portray visual stories, highlighting unseen or ignored realities.