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    Elita Karim

    Singer; Writer; Editor of The Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves books, visuals, sleep and eating bowls of apples, pears and oranges.

  • A disco weekend!

    Last weekend, Dhaka was all drenched in nostalgia -- many were seen listening to music from their old collections, remembering long gone moments with friends and families and getting ready for some disco!
  • A Chabial project in the making?

    Late in the night yesterday, on the road beside BG Press in Tejgaon, the Chabial Bhai Brothers were seen with a shooting crew.
  • 40 years of madness - Celebrating Unmad

    A fascinating part of the magazine Unmad is how the Bangla wit is represented through cartoons, sketches, images and not to mention the hilarious write ups and crazy poetry. Decades of the evolving humour, writers and cartoonists of all ages who have been involved with Unmad for years, along with cartoons and ideas, will be framed and waiting for enthusiasts and fans at the Drik gallery in Dhanmondi, from July 5-9.
  • A surprise release!

    Singing to himself, a rickshaw puller talks about the many alley ways he has to pass through while cycling his passengers to their destinations. The rickshaw puller remembers his beloved who is probably left behind at home, he remembers the love they felt for each other and how promises were broken. The video is very unlike the many we see nowadays springing up from the many platforms in Bangladesh. The graphical representation showcases a rickshaw puller with big dreamy eyes cycling through the many 'oli-golis', drowning his sorrow in work.
  • Dr Hafiz GA Siddiqi

    Our beloved VC Sir

    The last time I met Dr Hafiz GA Siddiqi was at a seminar or a conference. VC Sir, as many of us still refer to him, was surrounded by crowds of his former students,