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  • Edouard Beigbeder

  • A gathering storm

    The change in seasons is devastating, especially when it comes to river flooding and river erosion in Bangladesh.
  • Universal Children's Day: How do we keep them in school?

    Remarkable progress has been made in recent years to expand access to education in Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries of the world. But at the same time, significant challenges remain if the potential is to be fulfilled.
  • Every Child Alive: A pledge to all newborns

    As a foreigner, I was inspired to read the works of a few great poets of Bengal by the festivities of Bangladesh. For a while, these lines were playing in my mind. Once again, I realised every child's birth is special, be it for the parents or anyone in the family.
  • Being there for children, wherever they are

    This year, UNICEF is celebrating its 70th anniversary just when Bangladesh is approaching 45 years of independence. UNICEF's 70th anniversary is far beyond a milestone, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our work for children over the seven decades.