E. R. Ronny

Scale Bandits

Some cars start off famous for handling, looks or for catching on fire without any reason. Others go on to star in movies and become legends. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am did it several times. Once as Knight Rider and before that, as Burt Reynolds' trusty sidekick in

Bangladeshi Ducati

A Ducati 900 Monster. Made by Atlas, made in Bangladesh. Yep, That's right. These scale models are now made in Bangladesh, then sent abroad, then someone buys them with taxes and brings them back here. Why not sold here? Not a big enough market.

Custom features: Datsun 240ZG conversion

Let's start with a simple mainline 240Z from Hotwheels.

Fujimi S13 Silvia custom

Kit: This was the S13 Silvia driven by Iketani, leader of Akina Speed Stars in the anime Initial D. The kit is made by Fujimi and comes with

Drastic plastic r32

Let's talk about plastic. It causes ecological headaches because it never degrades. But it is also supremely workable to take any

Miuras in scale

The definitive petrolhead child's bedroom poster in the 90’s was invariably a Lamborghini. No doubt for many it was a Countach, but for some, it the first supercar ever, the Miura. We look at the Miuras in scale.

Spooky scale models

Supernatural is a series about two brothers that fight ghosts, ghouls and demented angels to stop them from destroying the world. Often