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  • Dr Mehtab Ghazi Rahman

  • How well is your child coping during Covid-19 crisis?

    As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, the world continues to focus on the economic impact and the mortality and transmission rates of the coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus: the psychology of those quarantined

    As the coronavirus epidemic continues to rage and threatens to become a pandemic, the world remains in a state of paranoid vigilance.
  • March 7 Sexual Harassment

    The trauma that never ends

    The effect of sexual abuse on mental health is profound. The trauma of abuse during childhood leads the victim to direct their shame, despair and anger inwards, which gives rise to psychological distress in adolescence.
  • are you sleeping well

    Are you sleeping well?

    Are you someone who struggles with good sleep? If you have problems with sleep or know someone who does, this article may be helpful.