Birupaksha Paul

Should US bank failures concern Bangladesh’s financial sector?

What has led to bank failures in the US may look different from what Bangladeshi banks are living through now, but the bottom line is the same.

5d ago

Is dual citizenship to blame for money laundering?

“Is Bangladesh a place of looters?” – this question was raised by the High Court last month.

2w ago

Why Bangladesh Bank needs to be fully independent

If you ask someone from a country with a decent economy whether the central bank should be allowed to exercise independence in its policymaking, they will say that not giving independence to the central bank is like letting someone drive a car while keeping their hands tied behind their back. The question is not why, but how to give more independence to the institution.

Bangladesh can avoid the middle-income trap yet

Bangladesh’s economic leadership must devote its integrity to ensuring quality growth along with lower income inequality.

Bangladesh’s Monetary Policies: A poor dose of the right medicine

Bangladesh Bank has missed the train by caving in to the pressure of the finance ministry, which dictates policymaking at the central bank being driven by short-term political interests.

2023 will be the year of inflation and financial turpitude

While the government is distracted by elections, the financial economy will suffer

Time for a new central bank and monetary policy

The recent policy changes have been so enormous that they have already made the old monetary policy largely defunct.

Reward job creators, not profit vultures

The approach to address unemployment has remained faulty, superficial, bureaucratic, and substandard.

Will the IMF loan stop forex reserve depletion?

The rate of reserve depletion is alarming, and the IMF loan will not be enough to fend off the haemorrhage.

What the IMF said, our economists have said before

What Bangladeshi economists have been saying for a long time is pretty much what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told our central bank and the government.

What's so wrong with hundi?

The central bank’s deviation from the policy commitment is the main reason why hundi-makers mushroomed at home and abroad.

Bangladesh Bank policies have begun to work

Bangladesh, which has been going through financial difficulties for several months now, can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

New Bangladesh Bank governor’s message to our banking industry

The new governor of Bangladesh Bank (BB) has heralded robust messages to the country’s banking and financial industry.

What made the dollar crisis worse?

One dollar now costs almost Tk 100. The taka has been losing its value against the US dollar for months, with no signs of it changing.

Good words and bad math in the new budget

The budget for FY2022-23 is filled with rhetoric. But its credibility is poor because of its contradictions between the priorities and the actual allocations for education, agriculture, health, and the vulnerable population.

Inflation is not going away anytime soon

The world has entered another era of high inflation, and no country can escape from the heat wave of rising prices.

So what if taka slides against dollar?

There is nothing to be panicked about if taka slides further against the dollar.

What message does the US economy send to the world?

The US economy has begun to display a bizarre combination of conflicting signals, making global recovery largely unpredictable.

Institutional reforms are essential to create jobs

In the post-independence period, Bangladesh’s number one problem was population growth.