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  • Belal Hossain Biplob

  • Brokers feast on passport-seekers

    Kabir Mia yesterday went to the Agargaon passport office to get his MRP but he instead ended up being detained for forgery and handed over to the Rapid Action Battalion.
  • [WATCH] 2 held for using false info in passport application

    Officials at Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) detain a person and a suspected broker for allegedly using false information in passport application.
  • Gone broke for broker

    Hashem Rahman made a Tk 3.5 lakh contract with a local broker in Comilla to get a restaurant job in Oman in 2015. His poor family
  • The plight of Aleya

    Aleya Begum was happy to get a job as a domestic help at a police official's house in Saudi Arabia.
  • Impunity a licence for crimes

    People of Bangladesh will decide how long the ongoing trial of the perpetrators of 1971 crimes will continue, observed visiting Canadian lawyer William Sloan.